Top Gifts to Get Fly Fishers Over the Holidays

Do you know someone who enjoys fishing?Here are three cool gifts you can get your husband, father or brother over the holidays if they are big fishing fans:

Gift Ideas For Fly Fishers:

1. The Maptech i3 Touch Screen

The Maptech i3 is a super cool snazzy gadget that allows the fisher to find fishes nearby in 3D with crystal clear images! Imagine just sitting on the boat when you’re told by your Maptech i3 that there’s school of fish swimming 10 feet from you to the east. You cast your line to rake in the catch of a lifetime…

2. Money

Well, regardless of what you think, most fishers will be thrilled with it and this is something that they seriously appreciate. The only concern here might be the money. The Maptech i3 is an expensive piece of equipment. For help with financing consider The Light In The Darkness program. Anyway, the Maptech i3 touch screen easy-fisher is one of the best things you can gift your fishy friend! The Maptech i3 also reports on the weather and satellite positioning to top everything else off.

3. Monofilament Fishing Lines

The worst thing that can happen to most fishermen is when they’re trying to pull in a monster of a fish, and the fishing line snaps! This actually happens more often than most people think it does. Monofilament Fishing Lines are thicker and are coated with special substances that provide the extra tensile strength and makes it nearly impossible for the line to snap while in a fish fight. The line is also nearly invisible over water, and holds knots better than most other lines. The disadvantage of Monofilament Fishing Lines is the lack of stretchability, but it easily makes that up with it’s raw strength and bulk. Despite all the advantages of Monofilament Fishing Lines, it actually is cheaper than other fishing lines. This is one gift that will not go unappreciated by any fishing fan.

4. A cool fishing set

This cool has nothing to do with fancy gadgets or pragmatic and incredible equipment. Sometimes, other stuff will be appreciated a whole lot more than the cool gadgets. Get your fishing fanatic a pair of pants that have a whole lot of more pockets so that they can store all of their fishing stuff (like hooks and scissors and flies) right on them for easy reach and use. Add a pair of cool sunglasses to help their eyes out on the days when the sun fries them up. There are sunglasses designed specifically for fishermen. They not only take out the glare, they also improve the quality of vision by showing everything in deep colors and contrasts. Add a raincoat for fishing in rain, and add a florescent stripe on it for fishing the night. These are all thoughtful gifts that will not be ignored. And of course, you can top it all off with a waterproof wristwatch with some cool features on it.


Now, can’t you just see them sitting on the boat with the cool pants and glasses that you gave them…looking for fish with the Maptech i3, and casting the Monofilament fishing lines to get some of them…that’s what a fishing fan considers fun and time well spent. Of course, you could take the gift giving to an entire new level by getting them a Bible that they’ll read as they wait for the fish and maybe they’ll repent and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, be saved and experience the eternal life promised to only the followers of Christ. And what better time to get all this, than Christmas, when we’re supposed to be celebrating Jesus anyway!

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