Top 10 Gift Ideas for the Avid Fisherman

There are three types of people, those who do not like to fish, those who enjoy fishing and those who are AVID fisherman. The avid fisherman is in a class by his or herself. Fishing is not only a sport but a way of life. Ask any serious fisherman about some Christmas gift ideas and I’m sure that he/she would be willing to oblige. They have probably had their eye on a new or improved piece of fishing gear, equipment or gadget and are secretly hoping to spot it under the tree Christmas morning. Some gift ideas that never go out of style and some that are new and unique are listed below.

Here Are The Top 10 Things You Can Gift To Fishermen

1.) Sonar Units – these are designed to determine depth of water, temperature and foremost the density of fish under and around the boat. Just reading about these various units can make one’s head spin. I can only imagine the fishing enthusiast drooling at the mouth over this high end electronic device. What better way to announce to the world one’s love, albeit craze, of fishing than owning a sonar unit. Cabela’s has a plethora of sonar units ranging in price from approximately $100 up to $2,000. Other top of the line gifts that are useful but expensive would be a trolling motor or deep cycle batteries. One must own a boat first of course!

2.) Rod, reel, and tackle – In order to buy these items for the avid fisherman on your Christmas list it is important to know what type of fishing they do. Do they fish for trout, small mouth bass, large mouth bass, crappie, walleye, perch or the big game fish. For most serious fisherman it might be all of the above. However, to buy rod, reel and tackle one needs to know this pertinent information in order to purchase what is useful. Ask an avid fisherman about the “love of his life” and I’m sure you will find out what you need to know and then some.

3.) Thermal Underwear – For the avid fisherman fishing is done year around. During the cold fall and winter months thermal underwear is a must. Although this might not be a unique gift it is quite practical.

4.) Boots – When launching a boat in cold weather having a pair of waterproof jump or wading boots is a must.. Keeping one’s feet dry is crucial to avoid the misery of cold feet all day. Mid calf short boots can be purchased on-line for as low as $40.00.

5.) Parka – Parkas that are 100% waterproof with pit zips, detachable hood that folds into the collar, and a two way zipper with snap storm flap would put a smile on any fisherman’s face. Although somewhat pricey a parka is essential in keeping warm when fishing on a cold winters day.

6.) Tents – Tents are a nice gift for any avid fisherman. In order to fight the elements two men fishing tents can be had for prices anywhere between $30 to $42.

7.) Electric Fillet knife – On an especially bountiful day of fishing an electric fillet knife would make a quick job of filleting the fish and getting them ready for the freezer or better yet the frying pan.

8.) Fishing DVD’s and Videos – Any fisherman would appreciate videos and DVD’s pertaining to their much beloved sport. Some examples of the wide variety of DVD’s and videos that can be purchased are “Rio International Spey Casting”, “Improving Your Fly-Fishing”, and “The Art of Lure Crafting” to name just a few.

9.) Portable Heaters – Fishing rain or shine, fair or foul weather the avid fisherman takes his/her sport seriously. When fishing in cold weather having a portable heater if not viewed as a necessity (possibly while ice fishing) is a nice luxury. Portable heaters are reasonably priced as well and will not break the bank.

10.) One unique gift is the Shakespeare Line Counter. Any fisherman worth his/her salt knows what depth particular fish are usually found depending on the season. Take out the guess work when determining how far the fishing line is below the water with this easy to use line counter. This handy gadget can be ordered on-line for a mere $9.99.


Purchasing a Christmas gift for the avid fisherman might be stressful for those who are clueless about fishing. However, a little research and a simple question or two asked to the fisherman on your list will make finding the perfect gift a little easier. Happy shopping!

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