Ideas and Advice for Collecting Fishing Memorabilia

Collecting fishing memorabilia is a hobby that varies greatly allowing for a wide variety of collecting themes. Depending on what is collected a fishing memorabilia collection can be built both with a small budget and a large one making it a great hobby for people of all walks of life.

While collecting rods and other pieces of larger fishing equipment can require a lot of space, the collection of lures, flies, and other smaller equipment can allow for a nice collection that still fits into a small area.

No matter what a collectors budget, storage and display space, and area of interest there is a fishing memorabilia collection to suit their needs and desires. Here are some ideas and advice for building a fishing memorabilia collection.

The collecting of vintage fishing reel and fishing lures is one of the most popular fishing memorabilia collections. The most valuable reels and lures are those that are found in their original box. Actually in many cases an empty box is more valuable than a reel and especially a lure without its box.

The variety of objects that can be collected varies widely and can include vintage fishing photographs, artwork, advertising materials, books, magazines, and other pieces of tackle. A room or other area can be used to display a small number of each of these items and makes an interesting collection.

No matter what area of fishing memorabilia that is collected this is generally a great time to start a collection or expand a current one. The current economic difficulties have made prices of all but the rarest and valuable pieces fall to some degree. While a collection should always be built with things that the collector enjoys in case the objects cannot be later sold, it is indeed possible that objects that are purchased now can be sold for a profit when the economy improves.

There are a number of places to look for fishing memorable to collect. The best prices are generally found at yard sales, estate sales, rummage sales and other locations where there are fewer competitors for these items. The online retailer eBay is great for finding specific items and at times for finding a great deal. Antique shops and malls will generally have high quality items though fishing memorabilia can be hit or miss.

Collecting fishing memorabilia is an interesting hobby that can provide a lot of fun and variety.

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